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KLIA2 is the secondary terminal located 2 kilometres away from KLIA's Main Terminal that caters for Low Cost carriers and other budget airlines. The moment you step out of your flight, you will be pleasantly surprised with KLIA2. KLIA2 does not make you feel like arriving at a low cost terminal.

Recently built to cater for the explosive growth in low cost travel in the region, it started operations in May 2014, KLIA2 is designed to handle 45 million passengers a year.

If you haven’t done your homework, Kuala Lumpur (KUL) can be a confusing airport to fly into. It consists of two terminals, which would essentially be seen as two airports. It has a new runway and an air traffic control tower that complements the terminal facilities for overall efficiencies of aircraft operations.

The thing about this terminal is that it is BIG - measuring almost 2.76m sq. ft. (257,000 sq. m), which is about the size of 24 football fields, it is currently the world's largest purpose-built terminal for budget and low cost carriers. Hence, expect to do a lot of walking.

The Complex
The KLIA2 complex comprises two main buildings namely the Main Terminal Building (MTB) and the Satellite Building. A skybridge links the main terminal building and the satellite building at klia2, making it the first airport in Asia with a skybridge that will give the added advantage of greater aircraft manoeuvrability while providing a spectacular view of the airside to passengers crossing it

All domestic and some international arrivals are from MTB while Satellite caters solely for international arrivals and departures.

The terminal is also adjoined with an integrated complex, Gateway @ klia2 that houses the Transportation Hub that serves the passengers and terminal's visitors.

The terminal is also adjoined with an integrated complex, Gateway @ klia2 that houses the Transportation Hub that serves the passengers and terminal's visitors.

Low Cost Carriers That Operate Out of KLIA2 presently are -

AirAsia, Air Asia X, Thai AirAsia / Indonesia AirAsia / AirAsia Zest
Indonesia's Lion Air / Tiger Airways Singapore (Tigerair) / Cebu Pacific Air
Malindo Air / Indonesia's Mandala Airlines
Note - More airlines are expected to use KLIA2.

The Main Terminal Building
Built on the “airport in a mall” concept, it is able to house various outlets ranging from food and beverages to fashion.

About 35,200 sq. metres of the terminal gross floor area is dedicated for retail, F&B and service spaces with multitude offerings for the benefit of both passengers and visitors.

Floor levels of Main Terminal Building:
Level 1: Transportation hub for buses, taxis, car rentals and trains
Level 1M: Airport link-bridge that connects KLIA2 main terminal building to Tune Hotel
Level 2: Express Rail Link (ERL) ticket office with train platform one level down
Level 2: Arrival hall, shops, restaurants, prayer rooms
Level 2M: Relaxation zone
Level 3: Departure Hall, shops, restaurants, prayer rooms.

gateway@klia2 is a shopping mall within KLIA2 integrated airport complex and has a good tenancy mix of medium to high-end product brands. With over 350,000 sq. ft. of net retail area, it has over 200 shops that spread over 4-levels.

It also hosts a 8-storey car park that directly adjoins klia2. The transportation hub, KLIA Express, buses and taxis, are being channelled through gateway@klia2 before they check in at the main terminal building.

Located in between the drop-off and the Main Terminal building, it targets shoppers from travellers, visitors and the residents from the neighbouring townships. If you have any last minute shopping or want to 'loose' the local currencies, then you will be spoilt for choices here.

If you find the prices too steep for your budget, you can go to the food court or buy drinks and food at the supermarket, which might work out cheaper

Passengers on an 8-hour or more transit at klia2 may leave the terminal, and will need to proceed to the Immigration transfer counter to obtain a Transit Pass, after which will have to go through the Malaysian customs and security checkpoints. Passengers are required to return to the klia2 terminal at least 3 hours ahead of the scheduled time of the next flight.

Transits between KLIA 2 & KLIA
All fly-thru passengers at klia2 are to connect via the Transfer Hall (Pier L), located between the domestic & international gates.
There is no "air-side" transit between klia2 and the KLIA. All passengers will have to clear the Malaysian Immigration and Customs upon arrival at klia2 before proceeding to the KLIA Main Terminal Building (MTB) to re-check in for flights and vice versa.

The only way to KLIA2 from KLIA or vice-versa, is to travel by road or by ERL's inter-terminal train shuttle. Frequency on the train shuttle is seven services per hour during peak hours, and five services per hour during off-peak. For a 3-minute train ride, the wait is too long. If you are in a hurry, it is best to take a taxi for the inter-terminal transfer.

The airport taxi fare from KLIA to KLIA2 is RM32.20. The cheapest way to go from KLIA to KLIA2 is by using the KLIA Express Train. The fare is only RM2.00 per person. Apart from taxi and the KLIA express train, you can also can also catch a bus to KLIA2. For the bus shuttle, the frequency is every 15 to 20 minutes.


There are basically 4 ways to get from KLIA to KL City or from KL City to KLIA. You can opt for the airport taxi services, the airport bus services, using the high speed train service or be picked up by private airport transfers.

The transportation hub, KLIA Express, buses and taxis, are being channelled through gateway@klia2 before they check in at or depart from the main terminal building.

High Speed KLIA / KL Train Shuttle
The train service shuttles between Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral,) located in the city centre and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as well as to KLIA 2.

The klia2 Express Rail Link (ERL) / KLIA Ekspres station is located on Level 2 at the Gateway@klia2 complex.

These are -
KLIA Express: An express non-stop 28 minutes service between KLIA / KLIA2and KL city centre.

KLIA Transit: This services makes some quick stops along the and takes about 35 minutes for the KLIA / KLIA2 - KL city centre journey
For Details & Updates – Check-out > KL Ekspres Website

Taking Taxi from KLIA2 is not as straight forward as KLIA. The reason is because the airport taxi counter is located at Level 1, while arrival hall is located at Level 2.

You can purchase the Budget taxi, Premier taxi at these counters. The prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and distance.

You will need to provide the location of your destination to the ticketing counters agents before they can give you the price. The premium and budget taxi service is operated by airport taxi operator.

KLIA2 Budget Taxi - This means, you pay a fixed fee when you tell the counter where you are going. You get a coupon, go outside, line up and wait your turn

KLIA2 Premier Taxi - This are the 'Blue' taxis which are more expensive compared to the budget ones. They cost anywhere around double of the normal price. The taxis are slightly bigger than the common ones with more room for luggage.

The problem again is in the queuing and there has been times where there no taxis available (especially so during the long holidays).

Other than queuing up to buy taxi coupons, there is another cheaper option of using the metered taxi.

To board a metered taxi, travellers have to get to Level 1, which means taking a lift or escalator

KLIA2 Metered Taxi - This was recently introduced where you buy a coupon for RM2.00, then go to another line and take a 'metered taxi'.

This means the taxi will start his meter to wherever your destination is. The taxi driver MUST run his meter when you board the cab. In total, you need to pay the meter fare and toll charges.

Note - There is a 50% fare surcharge is applicable from 11.30pm till 6am.

A more budget way to travel from Kuala Lumpur International Airport is by using airport bus services.

The bus terminal is located the located at Level 1 (Transportation Hub).

If not sure just ask directions from the Information counter. Once there, just climb onboard the first bus that's leaving to your desired destination.

busonlineticket – Provide an online option to a number of bus service providers that provides shuttle services to and from KLIA2 to KL City, Ipoh, Sitiawan, Ipoh, Kuantan, Malacca and Johor Bahru.
Details & Updates – Check-out > busonlineticket Website

Aerobus - Provides shuttle bus services from KLIA2 to KL Sentral / KL sentral to KLIA2
Details & Updates – Check-out > Aerobus Website

Private Airport Transfers
Private Airport Transfers are pre-booked and offers the convenience to being paged on arrival and taken directly to booked vehicle and an immediate transfer to your required destination; be it to the city or any other destination within reach by road.

Vehicles include – Sedans & Executive Saloon Cars (Seating 2 to 3 persons with Luggage) / MPV (Seating 4 persons with Luggage) / Vans (Seating 7 persons with Luggage) / Coach (22 Seater & 44 Seater).


KLIA 2 Car Park
KLIA2 has 5,690 car parking bays and 800 motorcycle parking bays in its adjacent 8-storey car park building. From here, you exit at level CP4 and walk through the shopping mall to enter KLIA2 departure area at Level 3.

Currently the parking rates at KLIA2 (inclusive of 6% service charge) are:
RM4 per hour for the first three hours
RM3 per hour for the next fourth to ninth hours
RM2 per hour for the tenth hours and above
However, maximum daily rate is RM46 per day.

Do not forget to pay your parking at the Autopay machines located at car park levels CP1, CP4 and CP7 only. If you have Touch & Go card, you can use this and avoid this hassle.

Valet Parking at KLIA2 - If you are in a hurry, KLIA2 have valet parking, so use this facility.

Information Counters
KLIA has information counters strategically located throughout the airport so that you'll always have assistance when you need it. The counters handle travelling enquiries, PA broadcasts to page people, the lost and found, and other services.

Free Wi-Fi and Charging Station at KLIA2
Wi-Fi is free at KLIA2, but only for the first 2 hours, which should be more than sufficient for transit passengers. If your flight is delayed and you required additional surfing time, try to logout and login again after 10 minutes.

Charging stations are available only at the departure and arrival areas. If you are not at these areas, then you will have to find wall plug points to charge your laptops, handphones, etc.

Hotels at KLIA2
Currently, there are three hotels in and adjacent to KLIA2.

Sama-Sama Express KLIA2 - If you are on transit, you can use Sama-Sama Express Hotel KLIA2, which is an airside transit hotel located at Satellite Building, next to Gate C5. It is part of the 5-Star Sama-Sama hotel group. This express hotel has 80 rooms that are rented on an hourly basis with a minimum stay of 6 hour. If you are on transit, you don't have to clear Malaysian Customs and Immigration
Details & Updates – Check-out > Sama Sama Express KLI2 Website

Tune Hotel at KLIA2 - This budget hotel is adjacent to KLIA2 and is only 10 mins walk to the main terminal building. You don't have to worry about the weather as you will be walking through a covered walkway.

It has 312 double rooms, 84 twin rooms, and four family rooms. It also has its own 167 car park bays with an affordable rate of RM2 per hour as compared to the airport rates that starts at RM4 per hour.

Room rate varies, so it is best to check the hotel's website for the current rates or for any promotional rates
For Details & Updates – Check-out > Tune Hotel KLIA2 Website.

The Capsule at KLIA 2 - For travellers in transit with a long layover between flights can now get affordable accommodations to grab a few hours of shut-eye or refresh and recharge on-the-go.
Designed to provide flexible, high quality and affordable accommodation the place the price the use of a locker, shower, lounge access and free Wi-Fi.

The Capsule by Container Hotel offers 79 capsule bedrooms to those checking in for three, six, or 12 hours – at RM45, RM70 and RM90 respectively.

For travellers who may not need to rent a room, other services at the capsule hotel are also available at a la carte rates, such as a shower at RM15 or locker rental at RM20 per day. The hotel is located on the first level of the Gateway KLIA2 shopping complex
For Details & Updates – Check-out > Capsule KLIA2 Website


KLIA2 Airport Transfers - From sedans to coaches to limo's, transfer services to Kuala Lumpur and to other destinations within reach by road.

Layover Tours - Layovers offers an opportunity not to miss out on getting a preview of a new country. Check-out the layover tours available.



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