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All scheduled international other than budget flights, arrive and depart at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport which is located approximately 75 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur's city centre, about an hour drive from the city.

This spacious and futuristic designed airport, built in 1998, has by 2013, been ranked the 9th busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic, and is the 4th busiest international airport in Asia. Currently, a total of 63 airlines operated from KLIA to more than a hundred destinations.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, has now 2 different main terminals (or rather airports), with the same designation KUL, for its arrivals and departures.

This Airport is the the main terminal used for passengers using the national carrier ‘Malaysia Airlines’ and other scheduled international national carriers. The other called ‘KLIA2’, is a secondary terminal that has been built to cater for Low Cost carriers and other budget airlines such as Air Asia, Tiger Airways and such.

The Airport

The Airport structure is made up of three main buildings; they are the Main Terminal Building, Contact Pier and Satellite Building. International flights arrive and depart from the Satellite Building. The Contact Pier serves as for domestic flights as well as for some regional flights. The different parts are connected by the ‘Aerotrain’, which runs at regular shuttles every 5 minutes to bring passengers to and from the Contact Pier to the Satellite Building.

The Main Terminal Building – This is where you do your check-in for departures or arrivals to exit. It has up to 216 counters at the Departure level. Duty free shops, foreign exchange counters and restaurants are available for your convenience. KFC Restaurant, McDonald, Eden, Food Garden, Food Paradise and Travellers Bar are some of the food and beverages outlets that you can try while checking in. Wines, chocolates, souvenirs and other goods are also available for you to browse and shop while you are at the building.

The Contact Pier - Serves as the domestic terminal as well as some regional international terminal. This is also the location where you board the Aero-train to the Satellite Building. There are less shops and restaurants here. The main food and beverages outlets are 1901 Hot Dog, Harrods Coffee House and Palms Grill Bar. Duty Free Shopping Mall is located here for your last minute shopping needs.

The Satellite Building - Has many gates that cater for international departures. Most of the major airlines lounges such as MAS Golden Lounge, Cathay Pacific Lounge, China Airlines Lounge, Emirates Lounge, Thai Airways Lounge, Singapore Airlines Lounge are located here. There are many more restaurants and duty free shops on this building as well.

Arriving passengers, both domestic and international will pass through the arrival concourse located on Level 3. Passengers arriving at Satellite A will have to board the Aerotrain to reach the MTB (Main Terminal Building). Arrival at the MTB would be on the Mezzanine Level (Level 4) and access to the Arrival Level would be via lifts or escalators. These are located a short distance away from the Aerotrain.

Domestic Arrivals -Passenger will come from the gates at the domestic concourse and walk through a link bridge to claim their baggage. Go through the arrival concourse and you can catch your transport at the arrival level curb side.

International Arrivals - For passengers of international flights arriving at the Satellite Building, they must board the Aerotrain to the MTB. You will arrive at the mezzanine level of the contact pier and take the escalators down to the arrival level (level 3).

For international passengers who arrive at the contact pier mezzanine level, go down to arrival level. Go through your immigration checks and collect your baggage at the international baggage claim. After clearing customs, passengers can board vehicles be picked up at the curbside once they exit the arrival terminal.


Domestic Departures - If passengers are coming from the MTB departure level kerbside, they will notice doors labelled for domestic and international passengers. Enter the circular doors for domestic and you will be at the domestic departure concourse.
If you have yet to check-in your luggage at the closed car park, the bus lay-bys at the closed car park or group check-in bus station at MTB ground level you can check in your luggage at this level.

Take the escalator down to the arrival level (Level 3)
Take the link bridge to the domestic concourse to the arrival level contact pier and go to your relevant gate lounge to await your flight.

International Departures - Passengers proceed through the international departure concourse. If you have yet to check-in your luggage, do so at this level.

Take the escalator down to the mezzanine level a floor below and go through immigration.

If your boarding gate lounge is GATE A or GATE B, head towards the international gate lounges at the mezzanine level of the contact pier.

If your flight departs from the satellite building, you must board the Aerotrain at the mezzanine level. Go to your relevant boarding gate at the satellite building to await your flight.


Transit passengers are not required to go through any formalities. As you disembark, you will be issued with a plastic transit card.

You will be free to walk around the Satellite Terminal Building (STB) until it is time for you to board the flight for your onward journey. Baggage can be automatically transferred to your connecting flight by checking them in at the Transfer Counter.

First class passengers and frequent flyers, could make use of the lounges. Papers, magazine, refreshments, snacks, telephones and television would be made available at these lounges.

So relax and enjoy the facilities in these lounges until boarding time. During transit you are also welcome to do some duty free shopping.

International to Domestic
International flights arrive at Satellite Terminal A or at the International Level of the Contact Pier (MTB). Proceed to the transfer desk and collect boarding pass for the next flight. Board the Aerotrain TTC to MTB if arriving at Satellite A.

Proceed to immigration for inbound clearance at the Arrival Level one floor below. Customs Checkpoint is located just beyond the Immigration area. After clearing customs, proceed to departure gate of the next flight.

Domestic to International
Domestic flights arrive at the Domestic Level of the Contact Pier (MTB). Collect boarding pass for onward journey from the Transfer desk and proceed to exit Immigration clearance. Proceed to International level of the MTB or board Aerotrain TTC to Satellite A. Proceed to departure gate of the next flight.

International to International
International flights arrive and depart at Satellite Terminal A.

Domestic to Domestic
Domestic flights arrive and depart at Contact Pier of the MTB.

Plaza Premium Lounge
The Plaza Premium Lounge at Kuala Lumpur International Airport is also located at the Satellite Building. It is open 24 hours to the public.

Facilities provided include: Shower / Food and Beverages / WIFI / Internet Ready Computers / Lounge / Magazines and Newspaper / Television / Spa

Charges - RM118 for 2 hours stay / RM158 for 5 hours stay / RM178 for 10 hours stay
For Details & Updates – Check-out > Plaza Premium Website

Luggage Storage
At KLIA you can also temporarily store your briefcase or travel bag. The costs depend on the size of your suitcase and start at RM18 per day. This service is available 24 hours a day and extremely handy for travelers with a layover in Malaysia.

They can easily visit the city of Kuala Lumpur for several hours, while their luggage is safely stored. There are two locations at the airport where you can leave your luggage in a safe: KLIA Satellite Building (Smart Lockers), and at the KLIA Main Terminal Building Arrival Hall, Level 3
For Details & Updates – Check-out > Baggage Solutions Website



There are basically 4 ways to get from KLIA to KL City or from KL City to KLIA. You can opt for the airport taxi services, the airport bus services, using the high speed train service or be picked up by private airport transfers

High Speed KLIA / KL Train Shuttle
The airport rail link service shuttles between Kuala Lumpur Sentral (KL Sentral,)located in the city centre and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) as well as to KLIA 2.

KLIA Express - An express non-stop 28 minutes service between KLIA / KLIA2and KL city centre.
KLIA Transit - This services makes some quick stops along the and takes about 35 minutes for the KLIA / KLIA2 - KL city centre journey.

For Details & Updates – Check-out > KL Ekspres Website

The problem here is, once you arrive at KL Sentral, you have to proceed to the upper level and queue to get a the taxi coupon and then go down to take your taxi to the hotel or wherever you wish to go. Going outside to get a taxi, you will most probably get overcharge even for the shortest of journeys.

If you intend to take an airport taxi on arrival at the terminal, head for the ticketing counters as you leave the custom declaration area. You can purchase the Budget taxi, Premier taxi (higher price) or Family coupons at these counters.

The prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and distance. You will need to provide the location of your destination to the ticketing counters agents before they can give you the price.

The premium and budget taxi service is operated by Airport Limo (M) Sdn Bhd, the airport taxi operator.

KLIA Budget Taxi - This means, you pay a fixed fee when you tell the counter where you are going. You get a coupon, go outside, line up and wait your turn

KLIA Premier Taxi - This are the 'Blue' taxis which are more expensive compared to the budget ones. They cost anywhere around double of the normal price. The taxis are slightly bigger than the common ones with more room for luggage.

The problem again is in the queuing and there has been times where there no taxis available (especially so during the long holidays).

Other than queuing up to buy taxi coupons, there is another cheaper option of using the metered taxi. The metered taxi counter is not “visible” as it is located at a corner outside the arrival hall.

To board a metered taxi, travellers have to get to Level 1, which means taking a lift or escalator

KLIA Metered Taxi - This was recently introduced where the taxi will start his meter to wherever your destination is. The taxi driver MUST run his meter when you board the cab. In total, you need to pay the meter fare and toll charges.

Note - There is a 50% fare surcharge is applicable from 11.30pm till 6am.

A more budget way to travel from Kuala Lumpur International Airport is by using the airport bus services.

The bus terminal is located the Ground Floor, Bus Terminal, Block C Short Term Car Park. If not sure, just ask directions from the Information counter.

Once there, just climb onboard the first bus that's leaving to your desired destination.

busonlineticket – Provides an online option to a number for a bus service providers that provides shuttle services to and from KLIA to KL City, Ipoh, Sitiawan, Ipoh, Kuantan, Malacca and Johor Bahru.
Details & Updates – Check-out > busonlineticket Website

Airport Coach - Provides shuttle bus services from KLIA to KL Sentral / KL sentral to KLIA and KLIA – Hotels in the City.
Pick-up / Drop-off - Ground Floor, Bus Terminal, Block C Short Term Car Park, KL International Airport.
First Bus - 5.00am / Last Bus - 11.00pm (Frequency: every hour)
Details & Updates – Check-out > Airport Coach Website

Private Airport Transfers

Private Airport Transfers are pre-booked and offers the convenience to being paged on arrival and taken directly to the vehicle of preference and an immediate transfer to your required destination:; be it to the city or any other destination within reach by road.

Vehicles include – Sedans & Executive Saloon Cars (Seating 2 to 3 persons with Luggage) / MPV (Seating 4 persons with Luggage) / Vans (Seating 7 persons with Luggage) / Coach (22 Seater & 44 Seater).

KLIA Airport Transfers - From sedans to coaches to limo's, transfer services to Kuala Lumpur and to other destinations within reach by road.

Layover Tours - Layovers offers an opportunity not to miss out on getting a preview of a new country. Check-out the layover tours available.



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