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Within Kuala Lumpur city centre are a number of places of interest to visit. These include unique shopping in places such as Chinatown and the Central Market, or to the interesting places of worship that reflect the religious and cultural diversity of the city such as the Jamek Mosque, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, and the Thean Hou Temple.

For world class structures, there is the eye catching Petronas Twin Towers as well as the KL Tower. Other interesting sights include Merdeka Square, The National Palace and the colonial styled old railway station.


Chinatown / Petaling Street
Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, also known as the Petaling Street, is endowed with a distinct character of its own, this colourful street of shops, restaurants, and hawker stalls bustles with vitality.

The main two attractions in Chinatown (apart from the overall atmosphere) have to be the food and shopping.

Chan See Shu Yuen Temple
Chan See Shu Yuen Temple is a fine example of southern Chinese architecture and is one of the oldest Chinese temple in the country.

Located at the southern end of Jalan Petaling or Kuala Lumpur Chinatown, it is best known for its intricate carvings, showing stories from Chinese legends, and for its green tiles, from which it gets its informal name, the Green Temple.


Central Market
Situated in the heart of KL, the Colourful Central Market has a wide range of shops in an air-conditioned atmosphere which sells an assortment of merchandise that ranges from handicrafts and souvenirs to authentic Malaysian batik prints.

Central Market is the place to go if you are looking for local crafts and souvenirs as almost everything is under one roof here.


Jamek Mosque / Masjid Jamek
The uniquely Mogul Masjid Jamek is the oldest mosque in the city. Located at the confluence where the Gombak river flows into the Klang river, it is the very spot where the initial settlers of Kuala Lumpur built their shacks thus is part the history of Kuala Lumpur.
Jamek (Jamik) is derived from Arabic. It means a place of congregation for religious purposes.


Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
This intriguing Hindu temple has decorative features such as intricate carvings of Hindu deities, gold embellishments, precious stones and hand-painted motifs depicting stories from early Hinduism.

The tallest Hindu silver chariot in Malaysia is kept in a vault in the temple. It is brought out once a year during the Thaipusam Festival.


Thean Hou Temple
Sitting atop a hill, the Thean Hou Temple with its elements of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, features traditional and contemporary Chinese architectural design.
With decorative beams, spectacular roofs, ceilings, calligraphic couplets, and murals, the temple is dedicated to the patron Goddess Thean Hou of the Hainanese community. Its grand architecture has made it a popular tourist destination.


The PETRONAS Twin Towers
The PETRONAS Twin Towers rise like sentinels in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

At a height of 1,483ft (451.9m) and costing US$1.2 billion, it is the tallest twin towers in the world and lay claim to being the world's tallest high rise of the 20th century.



KL Tower
Majestically poised at a breathtaking height of 421 metres, Menara Kuala Lumpur or "KL Tower" is one of the first and perhaps most enduring images a visitor to KL will encounter.

Situated on higher ground atop Bukit Nanas at 94m above sea level, it is on whole higher than the Petronas Twin Towers with its top being at 515 metres above sea level.


Independence Square
(Dataran Merdeka) was the place where on midnight of August 31, 1957 where the Union Jack was lowered for the last time and Malayan flag (Jalur Gemilang) was hoisted for the first time in the country's history upon gaining independence from the British rule.
The Square was the focal point of colonial Kuala Lumpur. Surrounding the square are many buildings of historical interest.


The King's Palace
The new Istana Negara (National Palace) in Jalan Duta has been designed to exude a regal image representing the constitutional monarchy that is one of the pillars of the nation.

The white palace complex which boasts a total of 22 domes is a fusion of traditional Malay and Islamic architecture and reflects the supremacy of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (The King).





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