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Birds and nature lovers can have a wonderful day out of the city’s bustle watching the colourful sights and melodic sound of birds perching and winging about freely while chilling out in the park's natural and beautiful surroundings.

The Bird Park claims to be "The World's Largest Covered Bird Park" and "The World's largest Free Flight Aviary" with more than 3,000 birds and 200 species from all over the world.

Established in 1991, the park has miniature gardens, pools and water cascades, little bridges, flowering plants and other tropical fauna.

The KL Bird Park's extraordinary feature is all birds are let free in the aviary which resemble the natural habit. With this type of free flight concept, the birds are able to breed naturally in this unique concept bird park.
Known locally as the Taman Burung, about 200,000 people visit the park annually.

Distinguished visitors include Ex US President Clinton who had a brief but enjoyable visit in 2008 and Martha Stewart on May 2010.
The KL Bird Park is carved into four zones:
Zone 1 & 2 - A free-flight area where birds may interact and roam about as they wish.
Zone 3 - Designated as the hornbill park.
Zone 4 - Contains some caged birds, special breeding areas, and an amphitheatre where two daily shows take place.

Feeding times provide the best photo opportunities for the many species that stay hidden or high in the forest canopy during the day. The birds are not easily frightened and taking a picture should not pose a problem. However, please do not disturb or frighten the birds. These bird are wild birds and some have sharp bills and claws and can bite without warning.


The Love Aviary
Located at the main entrance area, this mini aviary got its name from the main ‘tenants’, the Indian Ring-necked Parakeets withxxxz++ their strong, monogamous pair bonding over long periods of time.

Besides the greatly loveable small parrots, this aviary also houses the colourful Eastern Rosella, Sun Conures and Green-cheeked Conure

Brahminy Land
Located in Zone 1, it exhibits a collection of Brahminy Kites, one of the popular local bird of prey species.

These magnificent eagles give out sorrowful, mewing calls especially during late evenings.
Brahminy Feeding - 2.30pm daily.

Flamingo Pond
One of the best sites also situated in Zone 1.

Here you will see Greater and Lesser Flamingos gracefully sun-bathing in a beautifully landscaped pond complete with a scenic man-made waterfall.
Also here you can also observe pelicans. This pond is also a favourite spot for other water wading birds inhabiting the free-flight aviary especially early in the morning.

You can enjoy this picturesque sight while taking a short break at the F&B kiosk, the Flamingo Kiosk..

Bulbul Land
Located next to the Flamingo Pond, Bul Bul Land houses primarily Bulbuls. Bulbuls are medium-sized, perching song birds.
There are about 130 species of Bulbuls altogether, each unique in their own different way. Other residents of this aviary include the Asian Fairy Bluebird, Silver Pheasant and the Golden-breasted Starling.

Hornbill Park
Landscaped to depict the tropical rainforest of Malaysia, it is home to resident Rhinoceros Hornbill, one of the largest hornbill species in the world. Also here are smaller hornbill species, the Oriental Pied Hornbill. Others include, the melodious Hill Myna and the Formosan Blue Magpie.

On ground you can find the Purple Swamphen. Also here is the Hornbill Restaurant and Cafe, with an open-air verandah overlooking the park; a nice way to enjoy your meal.
Feeding -11.30pm daily.

World of Parrots
This walk-in mini aviary is specially designed to accommodate 20 different species of parrots consisting of macaws, cockatoos, lories and parakeets.

Some of the parrots are placed in individual exhibits in pairs as part the breeding program while others fly freely.

You get the chance to get a closer look at some of the rare and endangered parrot species such as the Pesquet's Parrot also known as the Vulturine Parrot found only in Papua New Guinea; the Moluccan Cockatoo, endemic to the Seram Island in Indonesia and the Congo African Grey Parrots which are widely known to be the most intelligent parrot species.
Here you can take part in the Lories Feeding, from 10am till 5pm daily.

Flightless Birds
Here you find Ostrich, the largest living bird species in the world; Southern Cassowary, endangered and found in the tropical rainforests of New Guinea and North-east Australia; Emu, found in the open-country habitats of Australia

Oriental Bird Aviray
Here you can observe over 50 different species of oriental birds, each unique and brilliant in their own way.

One of the exhibits houses the Golden Breasted Starling often called “the most beautiful of the African Starlings”. Also seen here is the Violet and Green Turaco from Africa, and 2 species of toucans, namely the Channel-billed Toucan and Red-billed Toucan which are regarded as the New World 'hornbill' species.


Waterfall Aviary
Located in Zone 4 of KL Bird Park. A picturesque set up of lush green trees and a 30-feet tall man-made waterfall, this mini aviary is also the sanctuary of our Milky Storks, one of the vulnerable and protected bird species in Malaysia.
Feeding -04.00pm daily.

The Amphitheatree
This semi-open air amphitheatre located in Zone 4 is where the KL Bird Park Bird Show is held at 12.30pm and 3.30pm daily.

It has a 350 seating capacity on a first-come seating arrangement. The Show is free-of-charge, though not a five star performance, it is entertaining.

Photo Booth

The booth allows you to get a beautiful photo with the birds and a a chance to be up-close-and-personal with the tame and trained birds here.

For a small fee, you can choose to use your own camera or their instant photo service -A good souvenir of your visit.

Pick any that tickles your fancy; from Tango, the beautiful Scarlet Macaw; Samad, the playful Wreathed Hornbill; Kitty the adorable Malay-Eagle Owl or even Ella the Chestnut-bellied Hawk Eagle.


Opening Hours - Open Daily 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Admission Charges:
Malaysians - Adult RM 25 / Children 3 - 12: Free
Foreigners - Adult: RM 48 / Children 3 - 12: Free / Children 6-12 years: RM 12
For Updates Check-out Their > Website

A short walk away from Bird Park is the Taman Orchid (the Orchid Garden).

Best Way to Visit - Half Day KL Gardens & Bird Park Tour
A half private tour takes you here and other places such as the Orcid and Hibiscus Park, Deer Park as well as to the Butterfly Park..




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