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There are eight bridges major bridges in Putrajaya an one pedestrian bridge each with its own unique design, reflecting the spirit of the city: Islamic, beautiful and modern. The bridges represents human creativity and is a summary of the three main types of bridges built since ancient times; beam, arch, and suspension.

Its hard tio define which is deemed as a main bridge, as there are many important bridges that connect the various important areas of this city. One thing is certain though, they are a popular attraction for visitors and photographers especially at night when they are all lighted up

Incidentally, the Malay word for bridge is "jambatan", so to pronounce say, Seri Perdana bridge in Maly would be , "Jambatan Seri Perdana".

The Seri Perdana Bridge
Designed as if it belonged in the Arabian night, This Bridge contains eight unique balconies and rest areas for visitors to enjoy the panoramic sights of the surrounding lake.

The foot path is flanked by railing and the roads median is lined by decorative street-lighting. At 375m long, this would be the bridge that the Prime Minister probably uses most often to go to his office.

Built with a Moorish layout it features eight rest pavilions from where pedestrians can obtain excellent views of some of Putrajaya's most famous landmarks such as Perdana Putra (the PM's Office), Putra Mosque and Seri Perdana (PM's Residence). The viewing pavilions are arch shaped and tiled with geometric pattern designs in the Islamic style.

The bridge is made up of seven central spans of 75m and two end spans of 55m. There are two separate carriageways over two twin cell box girder. In the cross section, the overall width between extreme ends of two box girder is 23m. The foot path is flanked by railing and the road's median is lined by decorative street-lighting.

The Putra Bridge

Putra Bridge at 435m is the longest and the most important bridge in Putrajaya.

This concrete bridge said to be inspired by the Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, in Iran, has intricate geometric designs spread over the columns covering large wall areas which are typical of Safavid design style.

Its magnificent attractions are the four minaret-type piers, complete with observation decks, overlooking the Putrajaya Lake.

The three-tier bridge connects the Government Precinct to the Mixed Development Precinct, with the upper level of the bridge forming part of the Boulevard, the main street in the capital.

This unique bridge provides access to pedestrians, vehicles and a monorail at the lower level reserved for the planned monorail system which is currently on hold. The jetty for Cruise Tasik Putrajaya is at the foot of one of the bridge's eight piers. The piers also accommodate fine dining restaurants within its main pillar supports..

The Wawasan Bridge
This cable style bridge is an elegant signature bride in Putrajaya. Inspired by the sails of a Bugis schooner, this futuristically designed bridge with Its curvaceous and slender profile is easily visible from many vantage points in the city

It is 240m long with a main span of 168m long supported by stayed cables suspended from leaning concrete pylons. At the other end, equilibrium is accorded by a combination of cable backstays and structural steel tie-back.

Its modern materials and dramatic sweeping curves make a bold statement that Putrajaya is a city with its vision focused on the future. It is a spectacular sight at night when it is all lighted up.

The Seri Saujana Bridge
An attention-grabber, The futuristic and elegant Seri Saujana Bridge is a new concept of the cable stayed Arch bridge.

With a length of of 300 metres, this futuristic slender looking bridge is supported by two steel parabolic arches that work in combination with two pylons to create a stable structure.

Driving on its dual three lane carriageways, one can get a clear view of The Core district from the bridge and Cyberjaya on the other side.

The Seri Gemilang Bridge
Categorised as a ceremonial bridge, Seri Gemilang is a more traditionally designed steel and concrete bridge but with very grand decorative towers, trimmed with marble and gold.

The balusters are fabricated from pre-cast stone and towers are topped with a crescent moon with a star.

A landmark bridge in Putrajaya , it has dual three lane carriageways with pedestrian walkways on both sides and ornamental lamp posts along the central divider. The bridge has a main span of 120m long and two spans 60m at each end making a total length of 240m.

The long and wide boulevard which runs majestically down the centre of the main island at the heart of Putrajaya is linked to 'the mainland' at one end by Putra Bridge (see below) and at the other end by Seri Gemilang Bridge. The road from the bridge leads to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre at the end.

The Seri Bakti Bridge
Also known as the “Bridge of Dignified Elegance”, it has nine spans and looks simplistic from afar.

Unlike the other bridges in Putrajaya, the Seri Bakti takes a more minimal approach to its design, which carries the usual elements of Islamic architecture. At each pier is a a minaret-type pavilion structure with an observation deck.

At each minaret, the Bougeanvilla is planted to transmit beauty within the planter boxes. In addition to that, other sun-loving shrubs and plants are grown to provide a fresh "greenness" along the bridge which incidentally tones down the harshness of the bridge's concrete structure. To further enhance the uniqueness of this bridge, articulated railings and lamp-posts which harmonise with the promenade architecture are put up all along the stretch of the bridge.

The bridge links the secondary road to Seri Satria, the Deputy Prime Minister's Residence, connecting the Government Precinct in the north to Precinct 16 in the south. The total structure length is 270m, enabling a dual two lane carriageways, walkways and cycle track.

The Seri Bestari Bridge
The Seri Bestari Bridge is a large arch bridge with a main span of 60 meters though only having a length of 152.6 meters.

It’s a continuous structure where the piers are supported monolithically to the pile-caps.

 Though not as attractive as the other bridges, but being part of the protocol route, it is festooned with red bougainvillea at its sides, with railings that is in harmony with the promenade architecture.

The Pedestrian Bridge
Simply called the Pedestrain bridge or Empangan Bridge, empangan meaning ‘Dam’, simply because it is a pedestrian bridge connecting over to the dam.

Reflecting on the natural environment, this short (135m) unique looking footbridge consists of a butterfly-like arch with curved deck.

This double asymmetrical tubular arch bridge is specially designed for pedestrian and cyclist crossing the Putrajaya Lake to admire the scenic beauty of Putrajaya.

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