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Pulau Pangkor or Pangkor Island is another great getaway destination from Kuala Lumpur. Pulau Pangkor is a small island resort of the West coast which offers enchanting beaches and tranquil surroundings.

The modern facilities make it an idyllic getaway and you also get to have some great local food (especially seafood). The Island is a relatively small with total surface area of about 8 square km and a population of about 30,000, consisting mainly of fisher folk and the tourist industry.


Getting There
It takes about 4 hrs drive from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut, going north on the North-South Highway and cutting across to the west coast, driving through idyllic country roads.

On the way there you might want to stop by Teluk Intan to view its unique leaning Tower.
From Teluk Intan its about an hour to Lumut.

From here you catch the ferry, for a 30 mins ride to Pankor Island.



From Lumut, you would have to take the ferry to Pangklor Island. The ferry ply to and fro from Lumut Town and from newly opened The Marina island Pangkor (a man-made island opposite of Pangkor Town and close to Lumut and the Lumut Naval Base). It runs roughly every hour from 06.30 AM to 08.30 PM.

There are two major ferry stops for the residents in Pangkor island, namely the Jetty in Sungai Pinang Kecil and the Pangkor Jetty in Pangkor Town.

Visitors should get down at the second pier, the Pangkor Jetty, as this is the main township in Pangkor Island and have a closer distance towards various beaches on the west cost of the island.

Pangkor Town
The quaint little town of Pangkor town located at the ferry exit. This is basically your one street town and with that one street being called the Main Street.

The shops there have an air about them that nothing has changed in the past 20 years. Here there are souvenir shops and little corner coffee shops where locals gather for coffee and exchange gossip.

There are stores selling sea products such as dried squids and cuttlefish, anchovies, dried pre-packed fish and dried shrimps. You can also hire a bicycle or a motorbikes here to move on your own.

As you arrive at the jetty you will find Pangkor’s most popular mode of transportation – ‘The Pinkies’. These are pink coloured taxi vans that go around all over the island.

A van trip to Pasir Bogak is about RM 10 and that to Teluk Nipah is RM15.

Each time you hail one of these, you’d probably have to negotiate the fare.

Popular Beaches

Pantai Pasir Bogak
One of the closest to Pangkor Town, it has shallow and clear waters.

Along the beach there are open-air food-stalls and the area also has a number of seafood restaurants.

The place has varied accommodation ranging from campsites to Hotels and is crowded during public holidays.

Teluk Nipah Beach
Further down the road, is the increasingly popular Teluk Nipah or Nipah beach. The main road lies between the beach and the motels and chalets so don't expect to get any rooms on the beach itself. Accommodation here caters much to the middle to lower-ranged budgets with chalets, restaurants and motels lining the streets and small alleyways

Off Nipah beach is the two small islands uninhabited called Pulau Giam and Pulau Mentagor with Giam noted mostly for snorkeling.

Teluk Belanga
For a quite beach, this long stretch is the place comes with The Pangkor Island Beach Resort.


Island One Cafe & Bakery
Food - American, Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Nonya / Malaysian, Cafι, Pizza & Pasta, Grill, Noodle, Fish & Chips
Location – Pangkor Town

This quaint little restaurant is in the centre of Pangkor town, offering a variety ranging from pizza to real Nonya food. T

he nonya fish is delicious with a nice mix of lemongrass and various spices and so is the The Chicken Chop with Black Pepper.

The service is excellent but their real talents lie in the cakes they make, which are beautiful, delicious and well-priced. There is also another branch at Teluk Nipah around Emerald Bay, which is also good.

Daddy's Cafe
Food - Chicken chop, Trio Master, fish and chips, steak etc.
Location - Coral bay, Pangkor,

Located by the beachside at Coral Bay, just a few minutes away by foot from Teluk Nipah, it offers a variety of Western and local cuisine in its menu. It also offers a variety of alcohol brews such as beers and cocktails, which is good while waiting for your servings which might be a bit slow but worth the wait.

This beautiful cafe by the beach, is the perfect place to just relax, enjoy your meal/drinks with your friends.

More so, for the ambience with stunning bay views, plus good quality of food served with a reasonable price, though for locals it might seem a bit pricey.

In Pangkor Island itself there are many options of stay, from the high end Pangkor Island Resort, to the touristy area at Teluk Nipah, and the secluded area of Pasir Bogak. Or, you can go for the exclusivity of the privately owned Pangkor Laut Resort Island. Its best to book ahead if your are planning to go on a weekend or during the holidays.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort
TThis exclusive beach resort located on an privately owned Pangko Laut Island with a a 1,200-metre long beach front of pristine white sandy beach on a private bay with emerald green waters.

Nestled amidst lush tropical forest overlooking the Straits of Malacca, this beach resort offers 258 rooms, inclusive of 12 rustic villas.

You can indulge in several of the outdoor activities or simply dip in either one of the spacious free-form swimming pools (Pacific Pool and Kingfisher Pool & Bar).

Best Way to Visit - Overland Tours
4 Days Cameron Highlands & Pangkor Island
6 Days Taman Negara, Cameron Highlands & Pangkor Island

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