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Templer's Park is a forest reserve located in a small valley, 2 km long, situated about 22 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur. Consisting of lowland forests and a five-kilometre limestone ridge with monkeys and abundant birdlife.

With a 740-metre hill, the park has waterfalls, jungle trails and a natural pool that attracts nature lovers, bird watchers, jungle trekkers,
photographers and picnickers.

Established by the British during the colonial years, it was named in honour of Sir Gerald Templer, a British High Commissioner of Malaya, in 1955.

Located beside the busy trunk road to Rawang and Ipoh, the park is a 1,200-hectare (3,000-acre) section of Malaysian jungle where visitors have the chance to explore trails, swim in the pools and relax by waterfalls.

As you enter, there is a general parking area, and from here, an uphill tarmac road leads you 500 meters to the general pool area. the pool is surrounded by towering rainforest trees covering the hill slopes

From here there is a track to the waterfall. It is a nice walk, almost level, with little bridges crossing the stream several times. After about 1 km you will hear and see the first waterfall, a nice cascade.

For most visitors, the attraction here is the gushing waters of the waterfall.

Waterfalls and streams feed the thriving vegetarian here. Soft mosses cover the forest floor and huge ferns grow as epiphytes, while matured trees form soaring canopies.

Sheltered picnic spots and changing areas are provided and walkways have been built where necessary to ensure safety.

Wildlife that can be spotted in Templer's Park include the park's cheeky monkeys (the long tail macaques), various birds as well as the Malaysian green crested lizard, and various kinds of toads.


Bird watchers can get to see birds such as the hawk-cuckoo, the crested serpent eagle, the emerald dove, the forest wagtail, malkohas, the barbet, the woodpecker, the flycatcher-shrike,
the blue-winged leafbird and the earless agamid.


Freshwater Swimming Pool - Nothing beats the tropic heat like a jungle river dip. The reinforced and landscaped pool area is a safer outdoor alternative to jumping into a rocky stream.

Find A Picnic Spot - Wander upriver or down river from the pool and find a secluded section of the forest to chill out for lunch, snap some jungle pictures or just read a book. Bring a ground cloth and prepare for a few bug visitors.

Jungle Waterfall Trail - Spend about 30 to 45 minutes one-way on level terrain across streams with concrete planks and crossings to a gentle waterfall about 2 km away. Not too difficult for kids if you're careful and let them swim at the shallow pools before returning.

Loop Around Rainforest Hike - Take the waterfall trail and continue on from atop the left side of the falls, where the trail loops back across three forest streams for another 2.5 km to the swimming pool. A nice opportunity to mix walking for exercise and jungle photography.

Bird watching - Noted as a refuge for rainforest birds and other wildlife like long tailed macaques. Hike the trails or find a quiet spot and hang out with your binoculars and guidebook ready for any feathered arrivals.

Points to Note

Be prepared to carry all your gear and food. Weekends are busy, so fend off the crowds and find some family space below the pool water drop or on the nearby hill.
Toilet and changing facilities are not so good. There is one bathroom and changing area at the parking lot. But sometimes this is closed if the ranger is not on duty.
Wear your swim costume under your clothes, then, find a big tree or a sarong when you need to change back to dry clothes.
Parking fee - RM 3 / Entry - RM 2 Per Person
Camping at waterfall site available
Visitors are not civic minded on cleanliness. Council Authorities are normally nowhere to be seen
People especially hikers has been known to get lost here in the jungle and mobile phones here receive no signal in the jungle. So keep within sight of other people
The water is getting less as development encroaches into the area
The monkeys are everywhere - long-tailed macaques, the monkeys are cagy and aggressive. Do not leave your gear on the ground, the macaques are curious, quick and grab anything in reach.

Best Way to Visit - Half Day Trip to Templer Park & Batu Caves

This half day private tour offers visitors in Kuala Lumpur a tropical rainforest experience, where you can do a jungle trek, watch the monkeys in their natural habitat, go bird watching, or going for a dip in the fresh water pools here. It also include a visit to the famous Batu Caves.




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