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The Royal Selangor is world renowned for its pewter craftsmanship and quality. The factory offers a tour of the pewter crafting process that offers rare insights into its intricate craftsmanship and offers a workshop where participants are taught to create their own pewter dish your name stamped on it.

Its visitors shop has an incredible choice of small to large items and even jewellery; perfect gifts for loved ones at home.

Humble beginings - Making tankards for British OfficersThe Royal Selangor had its humble beginnings in 1885, when founder Yong Koon opened a small shop crafting pewter objects making items such as incense burners, candle holders and items used for prayers places in temples and Chinese households.

He polished his pewter objects with "stone leaf" (tetracera scandens), a leafy tropical plant used to bring out the shine of pewter objects. Soon, these items caught the attention of the British officers who were stationed in Malaya at the time.

They began commissioning pewter objects for their everyday usage such as teapots, ashtray and especially tankards. It is well known that using a pewter tankard made a cold drink of beer much better, and this proved to be a hit with the British. They could enjoy their favourite drink, especially in a sweltering, tropical country like Malaya. During this time, the company changed its name to Selangor Pewter and with royal patronage became "Royal Selangor Pewter".

It is now world renowned for its pewter craftsmanship and quality. Pewter is an alloy of tin, copper and antimony. The tin content in Royal Selangor pewter is 97%. The pewter is crafted into different shapes and designs, from pillboxes with intricate designs and carvings to, picture frames with different motifs, dinnerware and glassware.

Selangor Pewter's well designed modern buildingIts factory, is a superbly designed and a very modern building with an impressive entrance, where visitors are welcomed with cold fizzy drinks in little pewter mugs.

The Visitor Centre comprises three main sections the gallery, the factory space and the retail outlet.

You first come to an exhibition giving the history of tin mining in Malaysia which gives an interesting glimpse of what Malaysia was and what it has become today. On display at the gallery is olden-day tin money, old pictures of the age, old pewter product catalogues, old tools of the trade, and first generation designs of pewter products made in the late 19th century.

workers crafting pewterExiting the gallery, visitors are then taken on a factory tour. There are rows and rows of workstations where men and women bend over in various acts of pewter-crafting from casting to polishing, from moulding to hammering pewter products.
Here visitors are given an up close and personal look at each stage of pewter-making. The guided tour was comprehensive you would be able to get close to see the workers doing their fine and skilled work. An eye opener on quality of the many and varied products and its employee conditions.

School of Hard Knocks
The highlight, for those interested, would be in learning how to create your own pewter. You can do so by enrolling in the 'School of Hard Knocks'. This entertaining hour-long pewter crafting workshop where for a small fee, teaches participants to create their own pewter dish using some simple tools.

Children (aged 5 to 7) definitely would love this, where they would first had to stamp their names on a pewter dish, and then hammer the flat dish into a bowl. The final product with a "certificate" would be excellent souvenirs of your visit.

After the tour, if you seek a classy souvenir, the retail outlet here has an incredible choice of small to large things. The shop offers a beautiful range of pewter products for sale such as elegant tea sets, traditional tankards, exquisite chess sets and handsome desk accessories.

Besides pewter, there is also a fine selection of sterling silver by Comyns and fine jewelry by Selberan. Go with a full wallet - the items are straight from the factory, prices are good and there's loads you want to buy!!

After all that, relax at the delightful cafe restaurant which offers good food with pleasant surroundings.

Before leaving, make sure to catch a candid moment at the giant tankard outside the factory grounds. It is 1.987 metres tall weighs 1, 557 kg and has a capacity of 2, 796 litres.

It is the world's largest and listed in the Malaysian book of records and the Guinness World Book of Records. It has travelled around the world to places such as Canada, Australia, Singapore and China.

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A Half day private tour to the suburbs with a visit to the Royal Selangor Pewter factory and the the famous Batu Caves.




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