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The most vibrant clubs are located along Jalan P. Ramlee - a fusion of bars, disco, life music hall with plenty of girls.

Located very near to KLCC this nightlife zone caters almost entirely to tourists with the exception of a few joints that are popular with
the local Chinese crowd.

All this places have an entrance fee or cover charge after 9 pm, which is also good for a small bottle of beer and actually pays itself for the great atmosphere.

Also to be noted; Where there are hordes of tourists, there inevitably will be prostitutes and pimps - so this area has a well deserved bad reputation.

The girls come in from all over Asia and since around two years more women from Africa have come as well. It’s rare to find any locals amongst them.

They mainly hang around along the Beach Club and the opposite Thai Club. The advice here is – don’t get suckered in by them.

Hard Rock Cafe KL

Founded by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, two enterprising and music-loving Americans, the first Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) opened its doors to the public on June 14, 1971, in London, England, HRC was an instant classic attracting droves of customers with its first-rate, casual American fare.

With 175 venues in 53 countries, this well-known place needs no introduction. With it's great live-band performances and the familiar food / menu, you will not have to ask for any item descriptions.

The wide choice of Western food here is enticing. The Black Pepper Steak is one of the favourites and it goes really well with the stuffed potato skins.

Here, you can easily mingle with lively and cool people, meet other travellers and even a few expats. The place can get very crowded after 10pm more so on weekends.

Hard Rock Café KL, serves a variety of alcoholic beverages but they are rather expensive, even by western standards.

The Beach Club
The Beach Club is at the epicentre at Jalan P Ramlee. The open-air club Beach Club may not be the most comfortable place for unaccompanied female tourists because of its ‘meat market’ reputation, but great live music is often played on the weekends. A Sleazy club with style is how some would describe this joint.

The Beach Club has a upper deck VIP area where working girls are not allowed to enter and solicit. So this is where most locals with girlfriends or wives usually hang out, when they go there.

The Beach Club has one of the most extensive drink menus, from Shooters , Cocktails, Beers, Liquors, Single Malts to Wines.

One of the best kept secrets about the place is they serve great food as well, with an extensive menu made up of local Malaysian favourites, Thai Cuisine, Western Food and Pizza's

Note - When you leave don’t bother taking a taxi from the taxis that park in front of the club as they will ripr you off with the prices they quote. They can be pretty aggressive at times. Just walk a little further across the road to the taxi stand in front of the Shang Ri La Hotel and hail a moving taxi, as these taxi's usually use the meter.

Poppy Garden

Meanwhile, most Kuala Lumpur travel regulars, yuppies and younger Asian tourists prefer to party at the Poppy Garden, especially well known for its hip hop music.

Poppy Collection is a group of four bars under one roof but most people simply refer to the nightclub as Poppy’s.

Thai Club

Apparently popular with the working class Chinese crowd, the place starts to fill in at 10pm. The place has its working gals mostly from China, Vietnam and Filipinos.

You can see Chinese pimps dancing with their girls, encouraging clubbers to join in as a way of solicitation.

Most local, regular girls go there in groups - with guys, presumably so the guys can buy the drinks.

The crowd is generally about 20+ to 30+ years old. This is not the sort of venue where there's much concern for the latest fashions or dance music mutations.

Instead the music fare is by local DJ’s and various live bands doing their stints. Overall it is still a fun place though becoming more expensive.

Zouk is like city's super club, housing different sections under a single roof, offering different moods and ambiences.

It is popular in Kuala Lumpur, especially among the city’s richer residents and younger revellers. Dressing well and preferably in black is especially recommended.

The main Zouk club room has the biggest dance floor, and is a hotbed for international DJs, fashion shows, exhibitions and concerts. Music here is hard techno played with enough volume.

Fridays and Saturdays are the choice nights with high wattage street-style hip hop and R'n'B that bring out the sexy ladies and the B-boys; Wednesdays are retro nights at the Velvet Underground; Phuture rocks it with the ladies every Thursday with a special bar serving them drinks; at Aristo, the crowd goes wild to house; the Terrace bar is the place to unwind and relax - the music is suitably light for relaxed, hushed conversations.

Admission charges including 1 drink range from RM30 to RM45++ depending on time, gender and day.

House pouring drinks are premium brands like Smirnoff, Jim Beam and Captain Morgon, ranging from RM13.50 a shot in the Main Room to RM18.00 a shot in the Velvet Underground.

Ladies nights are on Thursdays with free entry and 2 drinks for ladies (After 1 a.m)

The thing about this place - Outstanding girls go here / It is stuffed, with young people trying to show off and LOTS of tourists / Velvet Underground; Well, it's really really gay, but it's fun. If sex, drugs & techno beats is what you looking for, then this could be the place.

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Jalan P. Ramlee towards KLCC
The most vibrant clubs are located along Jalan P. Ramlee - a fusion of bar, disco, life music hall with plenty of girls

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