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Kanching Rainforest Waterfall, located in a forest reserve just outside the city,  offers an easy access to tropical waterfalls surrounded by beautiful hillside terrain. A great outdoor introduction to the rainforest, one can hike the trails, take in the nature, choose a picnic spot and jump
into a refreshing waterfall pool.

The Kanching Forest Reserve area is a haven for various species of birds and monkeys. The Kanching Waterfalls presents a dramatic backdrop with a jungle setting, an invigorating getaway amidst nature.

Located 21 km north of Kuala Lumpur and next to the famous Templers Park, there are seven levels of waterfalls at this Kanching Recreational Forest, covering a total height difference of about 200 meters.

You have two choice of trails to follow that will lead you the waterfalls, either by the easy access through the cemented steps and pathways or through the natural jungle trail which is much more fun but is also more physically demanding.

There are monkeys are everywhere - long-tailed macaques, swinging in the trees, running on the branches, sitting on rocks.

After the entrance gateway, there is a steep concrete stairway that takes you uphill, passing through 4 different waterfalls.

You will meet the 1st falls quite near the entrance. The first fall is a romantic and secluded and with very limited level space. Not many visitors stop here as it is not very suitable for bathing. Levels 2 and 3 (102m and 120m respectively) are the most popular spots where people can enjoy a natural power shower under the cascading water or just swim and wallow in the clear fresh pools.

There are picnic gazebos here, together with changing rooms and toilets. Near the 2nd Level fall, an attempt has been made to construct a kind of swimming pool. The place provides a large picnic area and most people normally choose to stay here and not continue uphill to next fall.

After long walkway, you will come to the third waterfall. This is a better with a flat pool on this waterfall. After the Level 3 waterfall onwards, it turns into a jungle path and the climb uphill gets quite steep and more challenging.

Those not used to hikes will be all sweat and puffing for breadth. Going further along the tricky pathway, you will reach the fourth waterfall. This not best place for picnic as it lacks the spaces, but great for photo shoots. Most visitors do not venture beyond level 4 (140m) as the trail becomes more difficult.

Level 5 waterfall has no pool area but a good cascade. But if you wish to venture onwards with a little more effort you can reach the highest waterfall (level 7 - 208m) in under an hour from the starting point. It is certainly worth the effort as the more spectacular falls are at levels 6 and 7.

At the top of Level 6 waterfall, the landscape changes suddenly. After the strenuous and arduous steep climbing out of the valley, for the first time in between the clearings of the trees, you have a clear view of the opposite main range, far away from the top of the hill.

There is one last waterfall after this, a real jewel when you watch the colours of crystal clear water flowing on the rocks here!

Hiking up to the top of its seven tiers you will be rewarded with a superb view of the surroundings. From the top most pool, the stream water cascades down forming the 7th level waterfall.

Points to Note

The monkeys are everywhere - long-tailed macaques, the monkeys are cagy and aggressive. Do not leave your gear on the ground, the macaques are curious, quick and grab anything in reach.

Be prepared to carry all your gear and food. Weekends are busy especially during weekends and public holidays.

Toilet and changing facilities are not so good, while the rubbish bins are always full of rubbish on weekends.

Best Way to Visit - Half Day Trip to Kancing Waterfalls & Batu Caves

This half day private tour offers visitors in Kuala Lumpur a tropical rainforest experience, where you can watch the monkeys in their natural habitat, or go for a fresh water dip - Nothing beats the tropic heat like a dip under a waterfall. It also include a visit to the famous Batu Caves.



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