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Genting Highlands - Places to Visit from Kuala Lumpur
Places to Visit - A Day Trip Out of Kuala Lumpur

Genting Highlands is a good place to get away for fresh and cool highland air, a very green setting and a chance to have fun with family and friends. Located at about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur by road, is popular with day trippers.

At 2,000 meters above sea level, it offers a cool respite from the city combined with all of the excitement, luxury, and entertainment of an international resort destination. It promises to suite any individual taste of experience.

Genting Skyways
Take a relaxing, scenic ride up to Genting on our Skyway cable cars. The Awana and Genting Skyways provide breathtaking views of the surrounding hills at a comfortable speed that will get you to the top in the perfect mood. With 8 passengers per gondola and at the maximum speed of 6 metres per second, the 3.38 kilometres journey up the mountain peak takes only 11 minutes.

Casino de Genting
The only legal casino in all Malaysia, it offers all the usual games plus a selection of Chinese favourites. Open 24 hours daily, but you must be at least 21 and not a Muslim. A dress code also applies, prohibiting T-shirts, shorts and sandals.

The resort also includes two theme parks, both with dozens of amusement rides and attractions suitable for the entire family.

Outdoor Theme Park
The cool mountain air makes it an exhilarating experience to enjoy the many rides at the Outdoor Theme Park. Whether taking leisure drives in the Antique car or experiencing the adrenaline pumping Space Shot, it's a magical adventure of fun and excitement for the whole family!

Thrill Rides - Pirate Ship /Flying Coaster / Spinner / Super Toboggan / Cyclone / Bumper Boats /  Flying Dragon / Rolling Thunder / Mine Train / Sungei Rejang Flume Ride / Corkscrew / Grand Prix Fun Kart / Space Shot

Family Rides - Monorail / Astro Fighter / Tea Cup / Pirate Train / Flying Jumbo / Mini Train / Boating / Space Adventure / Antique Car / Matahari / Dinosaurland / Double Deck Carousel

Children Rides - Rodeo Rider / Children Playpen / Kiddie Rides

Indoor Theme Park
A fantasyland full of fun and adventure with super-exciting video arcade games amidst a futuristic atmosphere

Game Arcade - Vision City Game Park / Kiddie Rides

Rides - Merry-Go-Round / Safari Jeep Adventure

Unique Experiences Rides

Flying Coaster
The Flying Coaster is Genting's new ride, a unique hang-gliding roller coaster. An Asian first: a hang-gliding roller coaster. Swoop, twist and zoom round turns and drops! With the Flying Coaster, you'll "fly" with a totally unobstructed view of Genting and its beautiful scenery.

The ride lifts the flyer to a height of 20 meters and releases the flyer to a hang gliding flying experience over 391 meters of the track length, with a maximum speed of 25.7 mph. It gives thrill-seekers the incredible sensation of zero gravity, together with the realistic effect of flying. The unique positioning of the passengers - four riders "fly" together, side by side - is a new way of experiencing drops, spirals and swooping turns from the "front seat." The flyer will experience a constant change of acceleration throughout from negative 1G to 3.6G on the vertical movements and 1G on a lateral movement.
* Note: This Flying Coaster ride is available on a pay-per-ride basis and is not included in the One Day Unlimited Ride Pass.

Snow World
With the temperature at minus 5 degrees Celcius, a winter experience in Malaysia in this wonderland, and be thrilled by the Cresta Run snow slide. Indulge in a snow fight, go sledging or simply enjoy the gentle touch of falling snowdrops on your face at Snow World. There is also the New Freezing Bar that serves ice-cold ice-cream and yogurt drinks.

Space Shot
Space Shot is a rapid vertical ascent and descent amusement ride. It is intense and not for the faint-hearted.
It lifts up to 12 people into the air, providing an exciting G-force on the way up and a feeling of weightlessness on the way down. Passengers are also able to take in the scenery around them on the way up, as this ride is an open-air ride. Strapped onto seats, four to a side of the tower, the starting sequence cannot be initiated until all passengers are safely secured to their seats.

Ride Facts > Minimum Height Requirement - 137cm / Speed - 67 km/hour / Height - 185 feet

Genting Sky Venture
This state of the art skydiving wind tunnel gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in winds up to 196 km/hr. Experienced and friendly Body Fly instructors are there to safely guide you through. You may also purchase your video and pictures of your skydiving experiences.
Note Reservations required / Location - Level 2, First World Plaza


Motion Master Theatre - Malaysia's first-ever 4D movie experience
Location - First World Theme Park

X-pedition Wall - Test your skills on some rock climbing. It's fun and easy to climb and we also have rock climbing professionals to lend you a helping hand
Location - First World Indoor Theme Park - Level 2B next to the Kopitiam

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum - Home to one of the most astounding collections of oddities by Ripley. You'll be amazed as you see the actual items Ripley collected during his travels around the globe. The bizarre, the unique, and the truly one-of-a-kind exhibits that will fascinate, and entertain the entire family!
Location - First World Plaza

Haunted Adventure - This ride is not for the faint hearted.
Prepare to test your faith. This ten minute ride might just change your perspective on the life of the after world
Location - First World Plaza

Rainforest Splash Pool
The heated pool is covered. Have a splash of time with the Wave Pool, Action River, Big Bucket, Tornado Slide and many more!

Best way to visit - Genting Day Tour


Cameron Highlands / Fraser Hill / Genting Highlands / Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary /
Kampung Kuantan Fireflies / Bukit Melawati / Melaka

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