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Fraser’s Hill is a highland resort is about two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Rising 1,500 meters above sea-level, this cooling holiday retreat is popular for its nature activities and cooling climate.

Fraser's Hill is one of the last hill stations in the country that still retains its old English colonial charm. Locally known as Bukit Fraser, it is an idyllic place for one to rest and to escape from the heat and humidity.

Today, Fraser Hills is today popular for its beautiful scenery of lush vegetation in cooling hillside surroundings, old English cottages and its colourful blooms. Also a popular bird watching destination, Fraser Hill has numerous jungle trails, and a 9-hole golf course.

Fraser's Hill derives its name from Louis James Fraser, a colourful Scottish character. There are many colourful stories about the life of this adventurer, including that he managed an opium and gambling den frequented by miners in the hills of Pahang.

However, in the early 1900's, Fraser vanished without a trace, and his disappearance remains somewhat of a mystery to this day. In 1910, Bishop Ferguson-Davie from Singapore tried to search for Fraser but failed. In the process however, he discovered a perfect mountain retreat which he persuaded the authorities to develop as a highland station named Fraser's Hill.

The little township of Fraser's Hill evokes images of an English village in the countryside, only surrounded by dense rainforest instead of grassy meadows, and blanketed by heavy mist and frequent drizzles.

The charming clock tower is the starting point for all explorations leading off to important landmarks at different corners of the valley.

Bird Watching
Fraser's Hill has long been a top bird watching destination for local and international birdwatchers.

The relatively undisturbed jungle-lad mountain terrain and the cool climate attracts over 250 species of local and migratory birds flocking here together, with some coming from countries as far as Siberia. The highlands contain a high proportion of the endemic birds that are found only in Malaysia and nowhere else in the world.

Two of the three endemic birds of the Malay Peninsula, and 20 of the 33 endemic birds of Borneo, are found only in the highlands. Examples are the Malaysian Whistling Thrush, the Mountain Peacock-Pheasant, and the Kinabalu Friendly Warbler. They are often brilliantly coloured – for example, the Long-tailed Broadbill, the Green Magpie, and the Crimson-breasted Wood Partridge.
They are easily spotted and tamer than birds elsewhere. Popular bird watching spots include secluded roads, such as those running around Jalan Girdle, along the Gap, towards Jeriau and High Pines, as well as jungle walks like Hemmant and Bishop trails.

Allan's Water
Allan's Water is a small lake turned into a park for recreational activities from a reservoir that fell into disuse over the year. Surrounding the lake are lush trees and dense shrubs that provide a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Birds fluttering among the tree tops are common sights, with the occasional squirrel or monkey.

The left side of the entrance leads to a short walkway with two large shelters that extend slightly out into the lake. From these huts, visitors can relax under the shade and feed the colourful fishes which congregate below. Other than walking around or relaxing, you can rent few small paddle boats from the park attendant stationed at the entrance.

Cool and invigorating throughout the year, it has one of Malaysia's earliest golf courses which were constructed on Fraser's Hill in 1925.

A short and tricky 9-holes golf course at Royal Fraser's Hill Golf Club which follows the contours of the narrow valley is open to the public.

Its unique feature is the three-tiered 7th fairway which takes the shape of a man's body. Fraser's Hill Development Corporation operates the public course; the reception counter is located within the sports and recreation complex opposite the clock tower.


Paddock - Archery, Horse Riding
This small equestrian course has several retired racing horses for visitors to ride. After paying, one of the staff will lead the horse (with you riding) around the pebble track. It's a rather boring pursuit as the horse saunters rather slowly.

Other than horse riding, there's an archery range at the bottom of the slope near the entrance. As for archery, for MYR8, you're provided a bow and ten arrows to fire at target boards about 10 meters away.

The Paddock opens from 9am till 4pm daily, except for Saturdays and public holidays where it closes at 5pm. In the afternoon, expect the Paddock to be closed between 12.30pm to 2pm as the staff go out for lunch.

An excellent range of eating places, both western and local can be found on Fraser's Hill. The most famous (and largest) eating spot lies at the food garden along Pine Tree Road, left of the town roundabout from Gap Road.

For more fancy dining venues, visitors can check out Scott's Pub and Restaurant next to Puncak Inn for authentic English cuisine, along with Smokehouse Hotel and other cafes nestled within major resorts in the area.

Due to a freeze on new development at Fraser's Hill, visitors will discover a limited range of hotels and resorts at this secluded highland retreat.

The current range of accommodation is suited only for a small volume of tourists, to preserve the sanctity of natural environment and keep the atmosphere tranquil.

At present, a small number of budget hotels occupy Fraser Hill, along with various colonial bungalows for short-term rental scattered in the surrounding countryside.

Puncak Inn and Shahzan Inn are the only two major hotels, situated at town center, while Silverpark and Pines Resort are two family apartments. Finally, the Smokehouse Hotel and select bungalow units provide boutique accommodation in English colonial style.

Hiking Trails
There are eight established walking trails at Bukit Fraser which were once the only way that residents were able to get around. Nowadays they are only used by intrepid hikers and some of them are in a state of disrepair.

Pine Tree Hill (5 - 8 hours) - 5.5Km
It remains the most challenging and toughest trekking path in Fraser's Hill. The trail winds up and down across several tops and ridges before hitting the peak. The view from the peak is a panoramic vista of the surrounding landscape of forests and mountains on clear days.

Hemmant Trail (30 minutes) - 1 Km
Begins from a grass clearing behind the mosque area along Genting road. It's an easy trail with a moderate ascent for the first quarter and level for the rest. The hike skirts along the edges of the Fraser's Hill Golf Course. onwards the last quarter, the trek becomes slightly muddy; leeches may be present, especially after rainfall.

Bishop Trail (70 minutes) - 1.5Km
-One of the most popular hiking routes with moderate accessibility, excellent rainforest scenery and higher chances of spotting wildlife. From the entrance, visitors will descend down a moderately steep gradient, entering a picturesque landscape of lush ferns, overhanging foliage and imposing trees. The hike crosses buttresses, narrow paths and rocky stretches up and down small slopes. Leeches are present, but not terribly abundant.

Maxwell Trail (70 minutes) - 1.8Km
An extension of Bishop Trail, is the least popular among all the treks due to its muddy and loose terrain, covered with numerous dead leaves. The pathway is also infested with leeches much more abundantly than other trails. Sights and views along Maxwell Trail are similar to Bishop, but there is less light due to the dense forest cover. The trek is about 2km long with mostly level path with some challenging stretches.

Rompin Trail (15 minutes) - 500m
A short trek along a steep path. Depending on which direction visitors approach, it is either a sharp climb or descend through a forest nestled on a slope. Wooden railings, ropes and railings provide some assistance in navigating the steep terrain. One of the more recently opened paths.

Kindersley Trail (25 minutes) - 750m
This short trail starts from the playground area. The trail climbs for about 300 meters and comes out to a paved road that leads to Methodist Bungalow. While uphill, it's an easy hike with some herbs, shrubs and small flowers to see along the way.

Abu Suradi Trail (20 minutes) - 500m
A short and easy jungle walk suitable for hikers of all ages. The trek begins from a spot along Genting road just opposite the mosque, leading uphill across a slightly steep slope before breaking on to level path. Broad and wide, the trail is easy to traverse, with occasional buttressed roots and muddy spots but rarely (if ever) any leeches. The track ends at the start of Mager trail.

Mager Trail (25 minutes) - 1Km
A fairly easy meter hike, the trail ends near the Gap entrance, just before the town centre

Getting There
Fraser's Hill, despite being a popular holiday spot, does not have public transport from major destinations such as Kuala Lumpur. The best option is to use your own vehicle.

Eventually, all modes of transportation to Fraser's Hill will reach the Gap - This is the base station before a winding 8km narrow road up to the highlands, cutting through beautiful rainforest scenery and mountain ridges.

For a long time, access to Fraser's Hill was possible only via a 8 km one-lane road known as the The Gap, used by uphill and downhill traffic in turns. A new road was completed in 2001 for downhill traffic starts from Jalan Quarry after Pine Resort, which takes the trunk route to Kuala Lumpur through Bentong / Kuala Kubu Baru. This however has been plagued by repeated landslides, and is frequently closed for repairs.

Thus the Gap road still remains the only route of access up to Fraser's Hill. There is schedule as to when uphill and downhill traffic are allowed (see Pic).

Points to Note
• Visitors and tourists can visit Fraser's Hill throughout the year, with but expect heavy mist and occasional rainfall most times. Generally, the months with the least rainfall fall between April to September
• Temperatures usually range between 22 - 28°C during the day and 16°C to 20°C at night; with more rain, the environment becomes cold and misty.
• Ensure you have warm clothing if you're susceptible to chill.
• It is also recommended to go during off peak seasons, which are months that have no major public or school holidays, in order to enjoy cheaper accommodations and smaller crowds.
• There is no public transport in Fraser's Hill, so if you need to arrange your own transport in and out if you don't have a vehicle.
• Be aware that there are no petrol stations around in Fraser's Hill

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