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Melawati Hill / Bukit Melawati - Places to Visit from Kuala Lumpur
Places to Visit - A Day Trip Out of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Selangor River
Situated about 75km away in Kuala Selangor, it is a pleasant drive out away from the city, winding through old rubber and palm oil plantations, a few shanty-looking towns and several Malay villages …peering into a way of life that perhaps seemed all too familiar to the British planters who used to own large tracks of lands out here at the turn of the 19th century.

There are pretty good seafood restaurants at Kuala Selangor and seafood doesn't come fresher than the ones sold there. Fishing boats come in from the day's work with fresh catches that are sold to the restaurants.

In its early years, the hill provided a vantage point for monitoring ships entering and leaving this part of the Straits. 2 forts were built on the hill, the largest of which was Fort Altingberg which was originally called Fort Melawati. The locals built this fort during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim of Selangor in the late 18th Century to protect them from the Dutch, who had already conquered Melaka just down the coastline. Nevertheless in an attempt to snatch the tin trade, the Dutch later captured the fort and renamed it after the Dutch Governor-General. One year later, Sultan Ibrahim with the help of his brother, Dato' Penggawa Permatang Mahabijaya (Penggawa Tua) and Bendahara Abdul Majid of Pahang drove the Dutch out in a night raid.
The fortress was later destroyed during the Selangor Civil War (1867- 73) skirmish between warring factions fighting for tin rich areas. Sultans of various areas teamed up with different Chinese gangs and the war resulted in a bloody end only with the intervention of the British Resident, who was requested by other Malay Rulers to mediate talks to put an end to the futile feud.

This landscaped hill offers a panoramic view of the Selangor coast and the straits of Malacca. Being the former capital and site of the first Selangor Sultanate’s palace, there are several fascinating historical attractions to visit.

The Poisoned WellThe Poisoned Well
The well was was used to execute traitors. Filled with a poisonous mixture of latex and juice from the bamboo shoots, these unfortunates, met their doom by being slowly lowered in this well.

Altingsburg Lighthouse
Altingsburg Lighthouse
Perched on its summit, the lighthouse is still in working condition. Unfortunately the lighthouse is out of bounds to the public.

Executioner's stone block. Known as ‘Batu Hampar”,Fort (Kota) Melawati
Offering a commanding view of both the sea and land, the remains of this first fort with its outer wall with three original cannons still look out to the sea. Part of the fort’s original gates are still intact as is the courtyard with the executioner's stone block. Known as ‘Batu Hampar”, it was used to behead criminals. Legend has it that one of the girls residing in the fort was caught committing adultery and executed at the stone. Her blood was then sprinkled around the fort. The reason why is not known.

Silverleaf monkeysVisitors will also be delighted to watch two species of free roaming monkeys that have made the hill their home. The ‘Silver-Leaf’ monkeys are the shy ones, more reticent than the ‘Kera’ (the mischievous long tailed macaques), which grabs not just food, but would snatch bags and cameras off unsuspecting hands.

At the foot of the hill lies 497 acres of the Kuala Selangor Nature Park, which is a great place for bird watching and a nice place for a stroll in the evening.

Also nearby is the tiny place called Kampung Kuantan well known, for its twinkling fireflies.

Best way to Visit - Fort Altingdburg & Fireflies Tour
If you taking this tour, you would go to Kuala Selangor, visit Bukit Melawati see the sights here then proceed for a riverside seafood dinner and finally to nearby Kampung Kuantan for a riverboat ride to witness the fireflies display.

Cameron Highlands / Fraser Hill / Genting Highlands / Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary /
Kampung Kuantan Fireflies / Bukit Melawati / Melaka

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